Ralph Stadus 1-5-2021

Excellent Breakfast with Birds tour. Neil and Liz were very pleasant and knowledgeable hosts. Neil did a fab brekkie in the middle of nowhere. A great long morning with over 50 species seen.

I am not a twitcher and have a standard travel camera, so some may consider it strange that I embarked on an early morning adventure to have breakfast with the birds. What a thoroughly enjoyable way to meet 47 of the 300 species of birds that are in the Kimberley. Armed with our binoculars, which were supplied, and with the excellent assistance of our knowledgeable guides, we were soon very successfully spotting, identifying, and naming different birds. We stopped for a generous, hot, tasty breakfast and then headed off again. The Gouldian finch was the ultimate prize; denied to us today. Our last stop, for the day, was a billabong teeming with birdlife. We arrived just as a 4 metre-or-so crocodile swam to the bank opposite the bird hide and settled into sun himself. The birds kept a respectful distance. Others writing this review would be able to rattle off the names of the birds that they saw. I am looking forward to the email which will list today's birds. I was very pleased to have been assisted in spotting and identifying so many of them. In summary: Breakfast with the Birds is very good value for money when one considers that our adventure was nearly 7 hours in length, transportation from our accommodation was supplied, two very knowledgeable guides accompanied our small group and breakfast was generous and scrumptious. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Penny Bart 19-5-2021

Hi Liz, Thank you so much for the wonderful experience on the Bird tour we really enjoyed it. Can you please send to my email a selection of say half a dozen of the best birds with their names please, that we saw that day. Thanks very much Eddie and Marguerite.

Eddie & Marguerite 19-5-2021

Hi Neil and Liz, Thank you for a wonderful outing with you this morning. We saw lots of different species of finches and water birds in their natural habitats. We were lucky to see so many Gouldian Finches and Red capped Star finches. The breakfast was something else. Some of our friends would say it was "to Die For". An amazing experience to see a table spread like that with Brewed Coffee no less!!. We enjoyed being with Rodney and his spotting of all the different birds. Thank you very much. - Rob and Anne.

Rob & Anne 17-6-2021